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Challenges and Writeups

The challengeboard was open for another week, so that everyone could still play most of the challenges until the game system broke by itself. Now the whole system is shut down. To keep the challenges even after the break down, we collect here writeups for all challenges.

Dear participants, if you solved a challenge, please collect all your notes and compile a short writeup. We are very interested in how you actually solved the challenges (i.e. really by playing ENOINVADERS???).

Level 1: Prelude

Ch2: EnoInvaders

How to play the game without playing the game is described by LeetMore here.

This was the planned solution, but we are also interested in writeups from teams that got the flag via the game client.

Ch3: Communication Breakdown

Another write-up in russian by MiT. This was one of the hardest challenges of the whole contest. It was available from the beginning and only one team submitted the final flag a couple of minutes before the end. To ease it a bit we hid a side flag with many points in each tunnel layer.

Level 2: That's no moon again!

Level 3: Time to steal and send secret plans

Ch1: Diary

Unfurtunately, many teams gave up on the encrypted diary. Here is a writeup by c00kies@venice showing how to solve it.

Ch3: Video

The challenge was to make an ENOWARS themed video with as many characters as possible. Each additional character was awarded with 20 bonus points.

Level 4: The Bottomrunner Contradiction

Ch1: Vent Controller from Outer Space


A real hardware setup was provided together with the firmware loaded in the microcontroller. The MiT team has written a nice writeup with an extra challenge included: It is in russian, but it contains many pictures.

Level 5: Inside the melon juicer

Ch1: GTFO (robots/hardwarecars)


We set up two robots of our FlockOS project and postet the Linux ARM-binary which was running on them (for our project, we are just creating a new swarm enabled operating system to coordinate them). It contained mainy documented commands and one undocumented as described in this nice writeup by LeetMore.

Ch3: Get on board / spaceship

How you can break 8192bit RSA, if the programmer thinks he is to smart to follow the algrotihm down to the lowest details, is described here by LeetMore.


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